About bizmocom

bizmocom was established in 2010 with headquarters in Herlev, Denmark. The founders all have extensive experience with business models within the NSP (Network Service Provider) business segment. Hence bizmocoms main base and focus is consulting for clients within this particular segment.

We are a small but dedicated team with extensive experience within our area. In addition we draw on a wide range of talented partners with whom we have been working with for several years experience.

At bizmocom we're all highly qualified Senior Consultants with specialized knowledge and skills.

Keywords for bizmocom: Networks and Projects.

Right from pre-project stage, viz. where an idea must be fleshed out, throughout the whole project, and later during the operational phase, bizmocom offers competent assistance.

bizmocom do not sell or provide our clients with Hardware and Standard Software as we insist on being completely independent of product deliveries from specific manufacturers. At the same time our customers often already have preferred partners in this area.
When this is not the case, of course we can use our extensive contact base to assist the Client in obtaining and evaluating bids. At the same time we can utilize our technical relationships with some manufacturers to ensure the best possible solution for the Client.

A secondary Business Area is the development and adaptation of specialized applications for provisioning of network equipment and billing of services.

Our daily work is on Design, Implementation, Operation, Consultancy and Project Management - typically for medium sized Danish and International companies - both private and public. Open dialogue, Equality, Mutual understanding and Respect between client and bizmocom are keywords in our daily work.

It's our ambition to make it both easier and more efficient for an individual Company or Institution to implement and use the purchased IT infrastructure optimally. Therefore, we set People - Collaboration - Technology - as the highest priorities when we sign a client agreement.